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Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star Stevie J has taken another jab at former best friend Benzino via Twitter, while promoting his latest appearance of course.

Stevie shared a snapshot of himself and Joseline Hernandez seconds before the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta reunion fight in which he came at Benzino.

He added that he and Hernandez would be at Atlanta’s Taboo club.

If you watch Love & Hip Hop Atlanta online, you know the insane melee broke out on the reunion show set between Stevie, Joseline, Zino and Althea Eaton.

So intense was Hernandez’s rage that some have even speculated that Joseline was on crack when she came at Althea, though Stevie denies this.

In any case, the two have been going back and forth on social media for weeks, which has even managed to overshadow the Mimi Faust sex tape.

Now that’s an impressive feat for a Love & Hip Hop storyline.

Speaking of Mimi, she told Sister 2 Sister that she believes Benzino was looking out for Stevie J when he warned her about his (possibly not actual) wife.

Stevie J and Joseline: Their Side of the Story
Photo via Picasa

“Whether he went about it the right way or not, that’s a matter of opinion,” Mimi posited, adding that Benzino said what he said out of concern for Stevie.

“He really was like, ‘This person in your life is causing havoc and wreaking havoc with everyone else in your life on purpose.’ Trying to get him to understand.”

Clearly it didn’t work out, and Benzino recently attempted to set the record straight concerning the fight with a simple bullet point list on his own Twitter:

  1. I can say whatever I want
  2. Stevie pumped faked & put brakes on
  3. I never flinched
  4. Joseline tried to jump on Thi
  5. I protected her

Take another look at the fight in question below …

Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta Fight Video