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There was bad news on South Park Season 18 Episode 1:

When Cartman and his friends tried to launch a start-up company, the name "Boner Forest" was already trademarked.

Fortunately, they were able to snare the moniker "Washington Redskins," which was perfect because Cartman said the mission statement for his business was finding “new and exciting ways to tell people to go f—k themselves."

Hmmmm. We wonder if this was a shot at the actual controversy of the name Redskins and how owner Daniel Snyder’s refusal to change it in the face of public outcry.

Watch South Park Season 18 Episode 1 Online
Watch South Park Season 18 Episode 1 Online

A fictional version of Snyder was none too happy about the start-up, as South Park depicted him pleading with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell  to intervene and do something about this besmirching.


This led to maybe the greatest moment in South Park history:

The series aired an ACTUAL RECORDING from Goodell’s recently-spewed at a press conference – in regard to the NFL’s current string of domestic violence scandals – in order to mock the executive’s response to Snyder.

Totally. Amazing.

In the end, Snyder rallied his football team to destroy Kickstarter’s headquarters, replete with a Ray Rice-inspired elevator assault.

And Cartman and his pals, bowing to pressure from ISIS, gave in and folder their company.

But not before the show gave us many more memorable South Park quotes and not before it touched on nearly every ongoing scandal in the news and pop culture universe. A job VERY well done.

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