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Forbes released its annual list of the richest rappers in hip hop today, and as usual, the top hip hop artists of the year raked in some serious cash.

In 2014, the doctor was definitely in the house, as Dr. Dre unseated former richest rapper, Puff Daddy, who had previously held down the top spot two years in a row.

Thanks in large part to his deal with Beats headphones, Dre made an astonishing $620 million in the past year, which was enough to make him number one by a huge margin.

Jay Z and Puff tied for second place, with each pulling in $60 mill in earnings. Sure, it’s paltry by comparison, but we’re sure Jay is still doing plenty of big pimpin’ these days. His On the Run tour with wife Beyonce broke worldwide sales record over the summer.

The list is bittersweet for one young rapper, as Wiz Khalifa took the number 12 spot with $13 million in earnings. Not bad for an MC who toiled in obscurity for five years before blowing up.

Sadly, with a bitter divorce from Amber Rose on the way, Wiz will likely soon be waving goodbye to a big chunk of his hard-earned cheddar.

Jump into the gallery above to see who rounds out the top ten, and find out who’s the only female to make the list. Hint: it’s not Iggy Azalea, although we’re guessing she’ll be joining the boys next year.