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On Rich Kids of Beverly Hills Season 2 Episode 10, things got crazy as a wild second season ended with a series of major developments from the cast.

The crazy part was … we were actually on the edge of our seats, because this episode marked a departure from the usual vapid (but entertaining) nonsense.

Well, mostly.

Watch #RichKids of Beverly Hills Season 2 Episode 10 Online
Watch #RichKids of Beverly Hills Season 2 Episode 10 Online

Magic’s son E.J. Johnson is the first to open up about some big news, and that’s that he’s thinking about doing a weight loss surgery, like Jonny Drubel.

A lap-band procedure is in his future, though he also lightens the mood on Rich Kids of Beverly Hills Season 2 Episode 10 with plans for a huge party.

Morgan Stewart and Brendan Fitzpatrick are preparing, meanwhile, for a big lunch with his mom Karyn … to tell her that they’re moving in together!

Karyn is all for it, but Morgan’s mom, Susan? A tougher cookie.


Speaking of moms, Dorothy Wang invites hers over to see her jewelry samples for the first time, but Viviene has always been difficult to impress.

Later, Jonny heads to Morgan’s for a heart to heart that we did not see coming and suggest you watch Rich Kids of Beverly Hills online to appreciate.

Jonny admits he has been suicidal, but never wanted his mother to feel like a failure as a parent, finding him that way and shouldering the blame.

He is so grateful for friends like Morgan, and says he’s doing an interview with a magazine about his journey coming out and rising above bullying.

Back at Morgan’s, mom Susan gets real, saying, "I’m not really fond of moving in with somebody if there’s no future plan. I’m talking as a mother."

Brendan got her to reluctantly sign off on the idea, however.

Reassuring her that they saw a very real future together helped her take them seriously, though let’s hope she doesn’t watch his hair plug appointment.

Later, we see Jonny doing an interview about his campaign, "Coming Out Matters," where he again talks about bullying and becomes very emotional.

Finally, E.J. and Morgan then throw a soul food party to celebrate the end of summer and to tell everyone about Morgan and Brendan’s big move (in).

E.J. also tells the gang about his weight loss surgery plan, and Dorothy reveals that her dad has agreed to sell her new line of necklaces in stores.