New Girl Season 4 Episode 1 Recap: Great Scott!

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Wait... who's that girl? Again, we ask: who's that girl? One more time: who's that girl?!?

Oh, it's Jess... ica Biel!

That's right, Mrs. Justi Timberlake herself guest-starred on New Girl Season 4 Episode 1, as Nick, Jess and company attended their final wedding of the season and all agreed to go home with someone from the event.

Jess set her sights very high, on the Best Man, portrayed by Reid Scott of Veep. But she has competition for his penis in the form of a ridiculously smart and gorgeous guest played by Biel.

"Here are the facts: I’m technically a genius, I have a photographic memory, and I lost my virginity to Malcolm Gladwell," Biel's Kat said, taunting Jess.

She added that she watches a half hour of porn each night just to keep up with trends and expect a "return to missionary," depending on what "happens in Syria."

Like we said: formidable competition for Jess.

But our heroine hung in there, mostly just by hanging around, and, in the end, Scott's Best Man had a big decision to make. But he took WAY too long to make it, sort of insulting both women, and Kat went with her backup plan: a priest.

Jess? She went home with her best friends, none of whom completed their planned "sex fist" and had a blast tearing up wedding invitations in the kitchen.


  • Schmidt turns down a foursome with Nick due to his rough hands.
  • He also learns CeCe is now single. We think we know where this will be going all season long.
  • Winston was very sore from his police officer training.
  • Coached slept with quite a few women throughout the wedding season and was told off by those who were also working this wedding.
  • "Just be yourself, and if he’s not into Jessica Day, there’s something wrong with him," Nick told Jess at one point. Yeah. These two aren't done yet either.

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