Mike Tyson Calls TV Host a "Piece of Sh-t," Parties With Rob Ford, Continues to be Insane

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Mike Tyson has taken his one-man Broadway show to Toronto, and normally we'd feel bad for Canadians, but we guess it's fair trade for us taking Bieber off their hands.

Plus, Toronto's mayor is Rob Ford, so it's not like they're not accustomed to a little insanity.

Unfortunately, Tyson has been hanging out with Ford, which has probably led to some insane partying. At the very least, it resulted in the ridiculous exchange you see below:

Yes, first Bieber asked Ford for crack and now the man who's still somehow mayor of Canada's largest city is hanging with Iron Mike, which is causing the Champ to flip out on innocent interviewers. And it used to be such a polite country. 

The best part of this video has gotta be when Mike seems to calm down but then sucker-punches the host by calling him a piece of sh-t again.

To put things in perspective, it wasn't that long ago that Tyson told Chris Brown to "chill out."

Do you understand what that means, Chris? The dude who can't sit through a softball interview about his stage show without cursing someone out thinks you need to chill. Just sayin'.

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