Lindsay Lohan Sued For Stealing "Virtual Closet" App

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Lindsay Lohan loves to steal things, but because she's a drunken freckle monster and not a Bond villain, her burglary career has thus far been limited to things she can stuff in her purse, and she's been sadly left out of the hot new trend of cyber crime.

Well, not anymore! Gone are the days of Lindsay stealing jewelry and clothes in order to support her many habits.

It's 2014 and she's upgraded to stealing lame business ideas!

Lindsay Lohan in the Hamptons

An app developer named Fima Potik claims he met with Lohan after she got out of rehab last year.

He presented her with his idea for a "virtual closet" app which would allow users to access the clothes collections of friends and celebrities, where they could then click on links allowing them to buy the same stuff.

According to Potik, Lindsay was on board with the idea, but soon fell out of contact with him. So you can imagine Potik's surprise to see Lindsay's brother raising money for a "social shopping community" that sounded very similar to his concept:

"If Lindsay buys something it goes into her [vitrual] closet," says Michael Lohan, Jr. in a promotion for the app. "People see what's in her closet. If someone buys the same item, it puts money in Lindsay's pocket."

Needless to say, the case against Lindsay is pretty strong, and as Lohan is reportedly broke these days, a successful lawsuit against her could prove devastating. Should be fun to watch!

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