Kim Kardashian: I'm Obsessed With Ribs!

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Kim Kardashian was in London over the weekend where she exchanged nude photos for the honor of being named British GQ's Woman of the Year.

Kim looks great in the pics, which is somewhat surprising considering the dietary habits she revealed in an interview yesterday.

"Every time I come to London, I have an obsession with ribs," Kim told Us Weekly. "Last night we were rushing to get to Hakkasan after awards and I just sat down and ate so many ribs. I'm obsessed with ribs."

Wow. Sounds like Kim really loves ribs. As for why she associates them with London, that's something of a mystery, as several British press outlets have already pointed out that ribs aren't really "a thing" in Britain the way they are in the States.

Yes, that's how much attention Kim's thoughts about ribs have received. Who has time for ISIS and Ebola when Kim Kardashian is talking about barbecue?!?!

Of course, Kim had more on her mind than just delicious slabs of meat. She also talked about her other favorite topic - herself:

"They announced me as Kim Kardashian," said Kim, while discussing the award ceremony. "I hate that people online say mean things, because when I got up there I was like, 'It's Kim Kardashian-West, just joking.' But on the Internet it was like, 'She was annoyed they called her Kim Kardashian.'"

OMG, you guys. Kim totally doesn't care what you call her. She's totally laid back and that's why she's BFFs with Jennifer Aniston. They're totally gonna laugh about this over ribs tonight and you're super jelly.

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