Arizona Fan Pops Beach Ball, Applauds Himself, May Be Worst Human Alive

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This Arizona football fan is just a terrible human being.

Don't get us wrong, we get that not everyone goes to the big game to goof off. Some fans are serious about their sports and don't need any stinkin' beach balls.

There's a difference between that attitude and physically grabbing and popping said beach ball, though, like this ass clown did last Friday evening:

How did this come about? It's fairly straightforward, sadly.

During the Wildcats' home opener against UNLV, the Grinch decided his peers were having too much fun, so he literally took matters into his own hands.

And with them, he popped every other Arizona fan's dreams.

Moreover, the Scourge of Civilization actually believed he had done a good deed here, applauding himself as he threw the ball's ransacked remains into the crowd.

Hopefully his tires get popped at the next home game.