Kim Kardashian Drops 30 Pounds in Two Weeks: Extreme Dieting or Liposuction?

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Over the summer, Kim Kardashian posed for more bikini selfies than ever, which is saying something, because this girl has been showing us every inch of herself for over a decade.

So you might think that Mrs. West's self-esteem is at an all time high. Some of her other behavior, however, indicates that the opposite may be true.

Kim rocked a "weight loss" corset on Instagram and fished for compliments on Twitter by griping about how out of shape she is.

Clearly, Kim was not happy with the way she looked. Maybe it had something to do with Kanye's habit of wearing bejeweled Versace masks with no eye holes when they have sex.

In any event, Kim did something about it and she achieved results. Though what exactly it is that she did remains in question:

Kim reportedly shed 30 pounds in just the past two weeks. The National Enquirer consulted with some medical experts to find out how such dramatic weight loss could be possible. It turns out there are only a couple of options and neither of them are pretty:

"This amount of weight loss in such a short time is extremely dangerous," said one doctor. "Losing so much weight so quickly puts [Kim] at risk of losing muscle mass and dehydration. In other words, she's suffering from malnutrition."

Scary stuff. But there's another possibility:

"Patients could have liposuction to achieve this much weight loss this quickly and use a very low-calorie diet as a cover story, so I wouldn't rule that out."

If we had to guess, we'd say she went with the lipo. Just last week, Kim said she's "obsessed" with ribs (eating them, not seeing her own).

We think it's safe to say that she employed the tried-and-true Kardashian method of just throwing a bunch of money at the problem to make it go away.

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