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The hacker who stole and posted naked photos of more than 100 celebrities, including Jennifer Lawrence, claims he has a sex video of the actress as well.

The unidentified hacker said that he or she (it has to be a he) has not shared the alleged clip, but he might … Paypal donations for the video are being accepted!

“I know no one will believe me, but i have a short Lawrence video,” wrote the perv who posted the Jennifer Lawrence nude photos that nearly crashed the Internet.

Jennifer Lawrence at Her Final X-Men Premiere

“Is way too short, a little over 2 minutes and you only get to see her boobs.”

Given the response to the photos … can you imagine if that video is real?!

“Anyways, if somebody wants it let me know how i can upload it anonymously (i dont want the FBI over me, and you dont wanna know how I got this video),” he adds.

The FBI is already all over the case, so he may want to clam up if he enjoys life outside of a jail cell … but who are we to tell the man what to do?

As for how he got the video, the now-infamous hacking occurred over the weekend and is thought to have been made possible by an iCloud breach.

Other celebrities targeted, among others: Kim Kardashian, Rihanna, Cara Delevingne, Selena Gomez, Kate Upton, Ariana Grande and Victoria Justice.

Grande and Justice have said that the images are fakes, although reps from the Upton and Lawrence camps appear to have confirmed their authenticity.

Ditto Mary Elizabeth Winstead, who personally confirmed the leaked pictures were of her and her husband, while calling out the people ogling them online.

Rihanna and Kim Kardashian? We’ve already seen them naked so many times, what do they care if the pics are real or not. No comment from either.

For now, the brazen, hornball 4Chan hacker remains at large as the authorities investigate and the images continue to pop up on that site as well as Reddit.

Here are 11 things we’ve learned from the scandal …