James Safechuck Lawsuit Against Michael Jackson Estate to Be Dismissed?

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Lawyers for the Michael Jackson Estate have formally asked a judge to dismiss a lawsuit from molestation accuser James Safechuck, citing a statute of limitations.

Because it was filed almost five years after the pop singer’s death, “Safechuck’s petition must be denied," Jackson lawyers state, saying he had one year.

He argues that legally, he has a claim that trumps the statute.

Safechuck filed a creditor’s claim against Michael Jackson’s Estate, affixing his name to the suit filed by Australian choreographer Wade Robson in 2013.

He worked with Jackson in a 1987 Pepsi commercial, and in his claim, he alleged that he was groomed, and sexually molested by Michael Jackson for years.

Beginning when he was 10 years old, he alleges.

Lawyers for the Estate also note that unlike Wade Robson, who claimed he didn’t recall being allegedly molested by the icon, Safechuck is another story.

He alleges becoming "concerned about having pedophilic urges when his son was born and that he was prescribed Xanax during his wife’s pregnancy in 2010."

Moreover, "he allegedly did not connect these anxieties to the alleged abuse in 2010, however. Rather, Safechuck claims when he learned about Robson’s lawsuit."

At that point, James Safechuck "thought for the first time he might need help, and thus [began] discussing the alleged abuse during the treatment.”

Safechuck, who claims Michael Jackson used code words for the graphic sexual acts he would perform on him, has also retained Robson’s lawyer.

During the 2005 criminal proceedings, in which Jackson was found not guilty of molestation, numerous references were made to Jackson and Safechuck.

Some legal experts involved in that case say that the two men accusing the singer posthumously represent "just the tip of the iceberg" in a potential pool of victims.

A hearing has been scheduled for November 19.

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