James Safechuck: Michael Jackson Used Code Words For Molesting Me

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James Safechuck, one of Michael Jackson's molestation accusers, says the King of Pop used secret code words for the sex acts they allegedly engaged in.

Think "duck butter." Now go find something to vomit into.

Like Wade Robson, who has filed bombshell documents asking the star's estate to admit Michael Jackson raped him, Safechuck makes some serious allegations.

Now 36, James Safechuck's similar lawsuit claims Jackson molested him when at age 10 when he traveled with Michael for his Bad tour. This was 1988.

Safechuck claims that Michael taught him to use code words, referring to his erection as "bright light, brick city" and calling his semen, "duck butter."

Not only that, the accuser claims Jackson used secret signals.

The two would hold hands, he says, and when Michael started scratching the inside of James' hand with his finger, this indicated that he wanted to have sex.

Safechuck says Jackson wanted a full-blown relationship with him, keeping him out of school and performing a full-on wedding ceremony with the boy.

If it's even possible, the allegations actually get worse.

He says Jackson took him to a place nicknamed "The Hideout" in Century City to drink sweet, pink wine and watch porn of small children masturbating.

On a bizarre note, Safechuck says at one point he developed a crush on Sheryl Crow, who was one of Jackson's backup singers ... and Michael was furious.

Showing him unflattering pictures of Crow without makeup, a jealous Jackson clearly tried to dissuade the youngster from these heterosexual tendencies.

When he reached puberty, he says, the abuse ceased.

The allegations against Jackson, who long denied child molestation claims while he was alive and whose estate continues to do so now, show no sign of doing so.

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