James Blunt and Sofia Wellesley: Married!

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If you're a fan of brooding British heartthrobs, today has just not been your day.

First, we learned that Tom Hardy married Charlotte Riley in a secret ceremony back in July.

Now, we find out that singer James Blunt and longtime girlfriend Sofia Wellesley got hitched in early September, but just went public with a lavish reception over the weekend.

James Blunt and Sofia Wellesley Photo

Blunt, of course, is best known for his hit single "You're Beautiful," which we're pretty sure had it's own radio station back in 2005, because you literally couldn't go anywhere without that damn song.

While he's something of a one-hit wonder, we doubt Blunt will be hurting financially anytime in the near future, as Wellesley is a wealthy British socialite and the grandfather of the Duke of Wellington (which we're assuming is a big deal).

Wellesley and the famously hard-partying Blunt have reportedly been celebrating their marriage for several weeks, and a source claims that Sofia joked with friends that she was "too hungover to get married" before the ceremony.

So, well done, James. Not only is your wife hot and well-off, she clearly knows how to have fun. Sofia, if you ever get sick of hearing your husband sing about that girl who smiled at him in the subway, give us a call. 

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James Blunt and Sofia Wellesley Photo
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