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Yes, Carrie Matheson will be a mother when we next see the CIA agent on Showtime’s Homeland.

But she’ll be a mother who is even less active in her child’s life than Kim Kardashian on a daily basis.

The network has released an extended trailer for Homeland Season 4 – which premieres with back-to-back installments on October 5 – and the footage features a number of intriguing scenes:

  • There’s Carrie’s sister making her sibling feel very guilty for abandoning her child.
  • There’s Carrie reluctantly asking Saul (now working in the private sector) for assistance.
  • There’s a great deal of Corey Stoll, who will serve an important role on Season 4.
  • And there’s Carrie doing a great deal of yelling.

It looks like Homeland will center on a massive PR problem for the CIA this fall, picking up a few months after the tragic events that concluded Season 3.

Check out the preview now and go watch Homeland online via TV Fanatic if you need a refresher:

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