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Okay, now it’s truly official:

George Clooney off the market.

Yes, we previously reported that the Oscar-winning actor married Amal Alamuddin on Saturday night in Venice – but Clooney and his 36-year old British bride exchanged vows for the second time today at Venice’s Palazzo Ca’ Loredan, a council building where a civil ceremony was conducted in accordance with the country’s laws.

Amal Alamuddin and George Clooney: OFFICIALLY Married!

Insider confirm this step was taken inside the gorgeous Sala Degli Affreschi, a beautiful decorated room that includes two stunning chandeliers.


The Clooney and Alamuddin ceremony and reception on Saturday spared no expense either, of course.

The former lasted for about 20 minutes, with bride and groom reciting their own vows in the presence of such famous guests as Cindy Crawford, Bill Murray and Matt Damon.

The reception featured candelabras on every table, along with an endless array of candles and white roses all around. We hear there were as many as 20 modern art paintings hand-picked by Alamuddin on the walls and that and the tables were set with 24-karat gold-rimmed bone china.

Would you really expect anything less from Clooney?!?

Alamuddin’s father, meanwhile, got us all excited about the next step in the lives of this couple, toasting his daughter and his new son-in-law at the event and noting that it’s now time for “grandchildren."

We get George and Amal at least got in some practice that night, if you know what we mean!