Game of Thrones Update: Which Beloved Characters WON'T Appear in Season 5?

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Game of Thrones is currently filming in several exotic locations throughout the world, and like ravens sent from Castle Black we keep receiving bits of distressing news from far-off lands.

First we learned that a Croatian church was trying to stop Lena Headey from getting naked for a crucial scene. (That issue has thankfully been resolved.)

Now, we come to find out that at least one fan-favorite character won't be appearing in season five at all!

Naturally, spoilers lie ahead:

Kristian Nairn - who plays man of few words Hodor on GoT - revealed in an interview with Australian TV station today that his character won't be featured in the upcoming season. And he might not be the only one:

"We're not actually in season 5, by the way," said Nairn when asked about the show's return. "We have a season off, We have a year's hiatus."

No one knows for sure what Nairn means by "we," but many are speculating that he's suggesting that the actors who play Bran and Meera Reed may also have a year off. 

Readers of George R.R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire novels know that season 4 of GoT brought Bran's storyline to about where it is in the books.

It seems we now have confirmation that the show's producers will wait until the sixth book in the series is released before featuring more of the second-youngest Stark.

A Hodor would say, "Hodor."

If, like us, you're terrified by the idea of a Hodor-less world, watch Game of Thrones online at TV Fanatic to relive the gentle giant's finest moments.

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