Farrah Abraham and Mikey P: Dating (Naked)?

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The omnipresent Farrah Abraham is living it up with VIP tickets to Fashion Week, and possibly a new love interest in Mike P of VH1's Dating Naked fame.

The former MTV star, officially fired from Teen Mom last month, is currently stripping for half a million dollars at the Palazio Gentlemen's Club in Austin, Texas.

She claims she's doing that job as "research" for upcoming book and film projects. Mmm hmm. In any case, she meet some cool people in her line of work.

Farrah Abraham, Mikey P

That would be Mikey P, a cast member on VH1's Dating Naked.

You don't even have to date Farrah Abraham to see her naked in her very own porn, and/or buy the sex toy shaped like her vagina, but it's not the real thing.

Which he may or may not be dabbling in as we speak.

"Celebrating a #Sexy weekend #fashionweek #NY 2 #TX VIP #OWNIT @PalazioAustin #BachelorParty #bacheloretteparty," she captioned the above pic.

"Yooooo f--- what you heard," the VH1 star tweeted.

"@F1abraham is cooooll as hell!"

In addition to the nice compliment about the Couples Therapy star, Mikey P included a photo of him and Abraham hanging out at a fashion week event.

She's a busy woman these days, so he has competition for her time if nothing else. Her "celebrity feature" gig at the Palazio has only just begun.

Not only that, she intends to open a restaurant this fall, if trolls stop posting Farrah porn pics to its website, and she's got her erotic novels to write.

She's nothing if not enterprising, that Farrah.

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