Dance Moms Season 4 Episode 24 Recap: No Crybabies Allowed!

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With Nationals fast approaching, the tension was thick on Lifetime's Dance Moms Season 4 Episode 24. You could cut it with a knife at certain points.

Follow the link to watch Dance Moms online. Now, on to our recap of last night's events, as the girls - and moms - vie for the glory on the biggest stage.

As "National Dance Competition" season kicks off in Waterford, Mich., Nia is at the bottom of the pyramid followed by MacKenzie, Kendall, Tea, Chloe, Maddie.

As Abby congratulates the whole team, something is clearly off. Sarah and Christy join the group, and Abby promptly tells Christy to shut her yap.

The big drama is that Ava will be competing against two of Abby's dancers, and she tells Maddie to have a costume ready in case she is needed.

Abby is NOT going to lose to Jeanette. Not at any cost. The moms think Jeanette is pulling this move to show off Ava to Abby. How will she respond?

After rehearsals, Abby tells Holly that Nia is not cutting it. Holly stands there and listens to her her lecture but tells Abby, "Whatever," as she walks out.

Christy encourages Sarah. Abby tells Sarah to man up and not rely on her mom. Holly offers encouragement. Sarah cries. Abby yells, "No crybabies."

She explains that her job is to train employable dancers who do not need their mommies. You don't like it? You can see the door right over there.

The group dance is first, with Nia looking in control knowing she has to post a win to keep her spot on the team. Holly is relieved as she does well.

MacKenzie and Tea both perform well - not perfect, but well - and Ava, while looking too old to be dancing against little kids, will make this a tough call.

At the last minute, none other than Maddie takes the stage with "Happiness." Christi sees Abby's fast one as costing MacKenzie a chance of winning.

Maddie does her usual superb job, as Melissa grins ear to ear in the audience. The moms are upset, but Melissa sees nothing wrong and is clearly pleased.

When it's time for the awards, Miss Energy and first place in petite goes to Sarah. In the junior solos, Tea places fifth, MacKenzie third and Ava second.

This means that first and Miss Energy Junior is … Maddie. In the group awards, the original five girls win with Nia as the lead. Abby is happy, congratulating Nia.

As Jeanette and Ava walk in, you can cut the tension with the knife, and Abby kicks Ava and Jeanette off the team on Dance Moms Season 4 Episode 24.

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