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As you’ve probably heard, Jennifer Lawrence nude photos were all over the Internet for a little while, until she basically went Katniss on the hacker-pervs (legally speaking) and had every last J-Law nip scrubbed from the Web.

After all that, she probably thought she was through with drama for a bit.

Lawrence is dating Chris Martin; she’s still a few weeks away from promoting Mockingjay Part 1…She probably figured the coast was clear to just relax and enjoy her favorite hobby of uploading nudes to iCloud.

Then John Mayer re-enters her life.

Jennifer Lawrence at Her Final X-Men Premiere

Mayer reportedly macked it to J-Law at a Medieval Times restaurant back in 2012 (seriously). Of course, he was most likely dating Katy Perry at the time, but since when has already being in a relationship ever stopped him?

Jen shot him down, but now King Douche is trying to make his way back into her life, Chris Martin be damned!


“John is determined to win Jennifer’s heart,” says a source close to Mayer. “They had a late dinner together in West Hollywood on August 29.  Chris who? That’s how John feels. It’s not like she’s wearing a ring on her finger.”

The insider added that Mayer will continue to be relentless in his pursuit of Lawrence, and he’s adopted a “may the best man win” attitude.

For his part, Martin has probably written, like, a super sad ballad about the whole situation.