Chicago Fire Season 3 Episode 1 Recap: Who Died?

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Chicago Fire Season 2 ended with a BOOM.

In a very literal sense, that is, as a building exploded and collapsed with members of the station inside.

So viewers tuned in to Chicago Fire Season 3 Episode 1 on the edges of their seats, having been told this summer by producers that a significant character really did die in the incident. 

So, who ended up as a corpse on last night's premiere? SHAY.

Guess they weren't kidding about it being a major character, huh?

This raises the stakes for episodes to come, as Chicago Fire has made it clear that nearly anyone can be killed off at nearly any time.

The episode itself picked up six weeks after the tragedy, with Severide MIA from work and Dawson completely closed off and acting distant.

Things with Casey are okay, but she asks that he propose again so that memory isn’t tainted by Shay’s death.

“The answer’s yes. The answer’s always yes,” Dawson tells her man, who vows: “I’m going to do it right.”

We later learn that Casey had attended a therapy session where she broke down in tears because she traded placed with Shay on that fateful, terrible day.

Severide, meanwhile, is eventually tracked down by Casey… in the woods, shirtless. He believes the firehouse is cursed and miserable and he needs to hear a speech about the lives these fighters DO save before Severide returns home to go through his roommate’s stuff.

Casey later invites Severide to move in with him and Dawson for a bit. That should be interesting.

Also of note:

  • Herrmann, motivated by Shay, chooses to franchise Molly’s.
  • As a gesture of sympathy, Mouch invites Boden his new wife on double dates with him and Chicago P.D.‘s Trudy. Fun times!
  • Newhouse learns that Mill’s paternal grandfather is residing near the city, prompting Mills to track down one of his young relatives

Quite a premiere, no? Watch Chicago Fire online via TV Fanatic if you need to catch up and sound off now: Will you miss Shay?

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