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Breaking Amish Season 3 Episode 2 saw the TLC show’s new cast members head to New York City, where needless to say there was a lot to take in.

Before that, though, there was the leaving part. The simple saying goodbye to the home they grew up in and telling their parents about this plan.

That, for this new crop of men and women, proved most difficult of all.

Watch Breaking Amish Season 3 Episode 2 Online
Watch Breaking Amish Season 3 Episode 2 Online

For the most part, these conversations were left out of Breaking Amish Season 3 Episode 2. You can only imagine why they would tell TLC to take a hike.

Bates, though, was seen by his grandparents with cameras around.

Fortunately for him, he was able to leave town without having another talk with his parents, which paled in comparison to Mariam, who’s leaving a little boy.

If you watch Breaking Amish online, you know the premise. This show is not meant to be a permanent exit, necessarily, but still, the stakes are high for her.

Miriam is a single mom and her son depends on her, so whether she’s going to N.Y. to explore a better life is a long-game strategy he won’t grasp.


There’s also the fact that he’s been entrusted in the care of people who may well be angry at his mother, and that has to have an impact on him.

To top it all off, she’s already been shunned as an unwed mother.

Leaving for New York? Not exactly a way to win your way back into the good graces of the Amish. No one is taking more of a risk here than Miriam.

Close behind, though, is Matt, who’s leaving a pregnant wife.

Her past infidelity remains an issue they have yet to fully resolve, so the fact that he’s all but abandoning her won’t make it easy for the couple.

So shouldn’t worry about what will happen to his wife now that she’s all but been abandoned. Because that sound like a recipe for disaster.

His mom, who never acknowledged his past or adoptive parents, forked over his adoption papers just like that. Was he being shunned, or accepted?

As he boarded the train for New York, we do not know.

What we do know is that Matt and Bates are instantly tight, while the women are more apprehensive. Vonda in particular seems to be suspicious of Matt.

Bates then confides in Matt that he once got it in with Miriam’s sister, and since Miriam (as a mom) obviously doesn’t abstain from sex either, well …

Despite being married, Matt seems stoked to hear it.

When they arrive in New York, the culture shock hits fast and hard, as this hostel does not look like it’s in a particularly nice, or even safe neighborhood.

The Amish will have to stick together, that’s for sure.

Watch Breaking Amish Season 3 Episode 1 Online
Watch Breaking Amish Season 3 Episode 1 Online