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September 21-27, 2014 is Bisexual Awareness Week, and September 23 in particular was designated as Bisexuality Day by a group of bisexual advocates.

BiNet USA, GLAAD and a slew of other organizations are joining forces to raise awareness and discussion of bisexuality within society. Their goal?

"To help draw draw attention to the public policy concerns of bisexual people while also celebrating the great resiliency of bisexual culture and community."

Celebrate Bisexuality Day (often abbreviated CBD) has become an international awareness day that is also referred to as Bi Visibility Day and Bisexual Pride Day.

Three bisexual advocates, Wendy Curry, Michael Page and Gigi Raven Wilbur, initially conceived of the event as a way to combat bisexual invisibility.

While many bisexual celebrities have recently become very open about the way they are, ordinary people can have an especially hard time with this.


Often shunned by both straight and gay communities because their identities are routinely misunderstood, mistrusted, denied or erased, they struggle.

So scroll through the gallery above and see just a few of the stars you know who identify as bisexual, some of whom have spoken out about it.

In doing, so, they have tried to change and shape perceptions about what a bisexual person can and does look and act like, and that’s a worthy endeavor.