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Beyonce and Jay Z are not just not getting divorced. Their relationship is "perfect," according to one of the only sources who could possibly speak with authority:

Tina Knowles. Her mom.

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The Knowles matriarch was having lunch – with Kelly Rowland, incidentally – and when asked by TMZ, opened up about the recent, rampant Beyonce rumors.

If you haven’t heard, Jay and Bey are on the brink of a divorce. She’s cheating. He’s cheating. She’s meeting with attorneys and getting divorce advice from Gwyneth.

They’re putting on a good show but privately, don’t talk on tour. She’s looking for a new place to live solo. On and on and on and on and on this goes.

All crap, Tina says.

To hear Mama Knowles tell it, there’s more legitimacy to Tina Seals‘ maternity claim of Blue Ivy Carter than 99 percent of the stuff written about Bey.

As for critics of Beyonce and Jay Z – such as Akon, who recently opined that their union "feels corporate" – Tina did not hold back on them either.


Besides the fact that no split rumors were backed up by any evidence, Tina’s statement has merit, as Bey and Jay have been spotted out together a lot lately.

Whether they’re hanging out at the go-kart track, a restaurant opening, on stage or on Instagram … they’re looking happy. Is it possible they’re just … happy?!