Betty White: Very Much Alive!

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Betty White is still going strong at 92 years old, folks.

This is a necessary fact to bring up because a non-funny satire site called Empire News started a death hoax based around the veteran actress and comedian last night, writing of the beloved star:

Betty White Dyes Peacefully in Her Los Angeles Home.

Betty White Image

See... it's funny because that form of the word "dyes" refers to one's hair, not one's heartbeat.

Except it's not really funny to joke about death, especially when the subject at hand is a senior citizen.

White, seen in October riding around on a Wrecking Ball like Miley Cyrus, has enjoyed a career renaissance over the past few years. She turns 93 (yes, 93!) in January.

We suppose she should take it as a compliment that someone deemed her worthy enough of a death hoax.

She joins illustrious company now of other celebrities who have received the same treatment, from Lil Wayne to Celine Dion to Bon Jovi...

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