Baby Flashes Thumbs Up in Totally Amazing Ultrasound Photo

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It's all good in here! Don't worry about me, Mom and Dad!

So (presumably) says the baby featured in the following video, as father-to-be Brandon Hopkins of Meadville, Pennsylvania posted a photo to Reddit last Thursday of his child in utero.

“Recent ultrasound results look good,” Hopkins captioned the sonogram shot, which certainly appears to show his baby flashing a thumbs up for the camera.

Hopkins and his wife don’t know the gender of the child yet, but they’ve confirmed they’re expecting twins in January.

The very chill baby has been nicknamed "Fonzie Fetus" (after the Happy Days character) and Hopkins' image has been viewed over two million times on Reddit.

This isn't the first time an ultrasound photo has gone viral (remember that of Jenelle Evans and that of Holly Madison?), but it's definitely the first time we've seen an unborn baby look so relaxed in the womb.

For the sake of his parents, let's hope he remains that way once he enters the world.

Though, as evidenced below, that's unlikely...

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