25 Random Reasons Your Kid is Crying

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Kids. They're the best, but they cry a lot, and often for hilariously random and pointless reasons. A dad blogger has documented many of those reasons. Scroll through some of the best/worst!

1. Lost Balloon

Lost Balloon
When you lose your favorite red balloon, that is cause for grave concern.

2. The Last Cheerio

The Last Cheerio
When you can't get the last of the Cheerios onto the spoon? Devastation.

3. Sunscreen Fail

Sunscreen Fail
Too much sunscreen? Or too little? Either way, WAAAAAAAAAHHHH!

4. Feeding the Goat

Feeding the Goat
When you feed the goat and the goat eats all the food? Cue the tears streaming down the face.

5. I Don't Want to Go

I Don't Want to Go
Sometimes, when you don't wanna go somewhere, you gotta throw a fit. Even if there are no plans to actually go somewhere.

6. Pet Door Fail

Pet Door Fail
Okay, this one is probably an actual good reason for crying.

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