Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Baskett: 100 Percent Together, Source Claims

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Did or or didn't he?

That's been the question surrounding the Hank Baskett cheating story for weeks now, as many wonder whether he and wife Kendra Wilkinson simply invented this scandal to serve as a storyline for their reality show.

But are they or aren't they?

That's also a question being asked in relation to the couple itself and the status of Wilkson and Baskett. Are they together? Are is a divorce on the horizon?

"They are 100 percent together," an insider confirms in the latest issue of Life & Style.

Why? How could Kendra take Hank back after he had sexual relations with a transgender model named Ava London? While Kendra was eight months pregnant, no less?!?

It's simple, the tabloid writes: Baskett has denied reports that he and London jerked each other off inside her apartment.

According to various sources, Basket told Wilkinson that a friend of his lives in the same housing complex as London... and, well, see... this friend asked him to go over to her house to fix something...

... and... ummm.... once there, the former wide receiver says London made unwanted advances toward him... and that he felt violated as a result.

“The story is totally absurd,” an insider tells the tabloid, though Kendra has apparently bought the entire tale.

Life & Style adds that her friends don’t trust Hank, yet there’s no convincing Kendra of the truth.

“Something isn’t right with her, it’s really worrisome," concludes the insider.

Wilkinson and Baskett are the parents to a pair of very cute kids.

The third season of Kendra on Top, meanwhile premieres on Friday, October 3 with Baskett's alleged infidelity on tap to be a major plot arc for the first handful of episodes.

Do you believe he cheated? Or do you think the couple has invented this whole sordid story for the sake of ratings?

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