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Atlanta Exes Season 1 Episode 8 marked an emotional turning point for several of the ATL exes as the events of this freshman series came to a head.

The season also closed out with this episode, which picked up after the fight in Tameka Foster’s driveway last week. Tension? Already on the rise.

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Sheree Whitfield and Torrei Hart rehash the encounter, and how they need to square things up with Tameka before it’s too late (which it already is).

If you were hoping for a melee when you watch Atlanta Exes online, you may be disappointed, as Tameka offers at least a cursory mea culpa.

They leave on not-the-best terms, but still semi-amicable terms. Perhaps because Tameka has much bigger issues on her plate than this petty drama.

Seriously, she does. The man who hit and killed her son, Kile, is being sentenced, and she is forced to face him as well as the press in court.

Kevin Hart’s ex Torrei is facing her own set of  struggles on Atlanta Exes Season 1 Episode 8, and they pertain to being a long-distance mom.


Monyetta and Christina, meanwhile, are talking about how to rid their lives of their respective exes, who happen to be Ne-Yo and Cee Lo Green.

At last, it’s time for Tameka’s charity 5K rolls around, on Kile’s 13th birthday no less, so emotions are in overdrive and there is a lot riding on this.

The race is by all accounts a success, even if running with all that jewelry may not be the most aerodynamic way of getting across the finish line.

Christina does a photo shoot for her business that she sees as marking a new beginning, while Sheree is making plans for her upcoming birthday.

At Sheree’s and Destiny’s birthday bash, Tameka (who they took the high road by inviting) arrives late, then kind of snubs Sheree in her entrance.

This leads Sheree to put her guard up, while at the same time, Torrei starts a beef with Monica and the rest of the onlookers appear to be concerned.

Tameka leaves after 10 minutes, citing some emergency, but Sheree thinks it’s something else and obviously chases her down to confront her.

It was awkward, but it’s mercifully over now as the ladies ended the episode, and season, but enjoying a kick ass time after Tameka bolted the scene.

What did you think of the first season of Atlanta Exes? Will there be another, and would you tune in for it? Share your comments with us below!