Apple Watch Unveiled: Telling Time Will Never Look the Same!

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Following the unveiling of the iPhone 6 Plus earlier today, Apple CEO Tim Cook used Steve Job's signature "one more thing" catchphrase to tease the final big announcement of the day.

The Apple Watch is the tech giant's first foray into the world of smart watches... and it sounds awesome.

Apple Watch

Made of stainless steel and sapphire glass, the watch is billed by Apple as "an intimate way to connect and communicate."

The watch can interact with you iPhone, and support many of the same apps, but because it's wearable, it also serves as "a comprehensive health and fitness device," says Cook.

The geniuses at Apple even took fashion into consideration, allowing users to customize the face of the watch and designing a number of changeable bands.

If you're looking at your iPhone right now and wondering how you'll be able to scroll around on a much tinier screen and still be able to view content, won't.

While the Apple Watch has some touch screen capabilities, users interact with apps primarily through a "crown" on the side of the device.

The watch also features a custom-designed chip that Cook describes as "essentially miniaturizing an entire computer system on a single chip."

The Apple Watch is functional with iPhones 5 and higher, which means 200 million people can already use it. Sadly, it won't be available until early 2015.

Yes, Apple... bringing you new and innovative ways to embarrass yourself via text message since 2007:

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