iPhone 5 Rumors: Changes Worth Waiting For?

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What can we expect from the forthcoming, invariably awesome iPhone 5?

The next version of Apple's revolutionary device hasn't even been unveiled yet, but that hasn't stopped experts (and consumers) from speculating on what features it might have, and more importantly, when it'll go on sale!

Here's what is known and rumored about the iPhone 5 thus far:

iPhones in color!

Colors! Apple has filed patents involving carbon fiber, which could also provide more strength to the phone's body and a potential new added benefit: color.

Durability! Apple acquired rights to use a product from a company called Liquid Metal Technologies, which could offer the frame more elastic properties.

In other words, your piece will break less easily when you drop it on the street.

Bigger Design: Many new Android phones sport 4-4.5 inch screens, so Apple is feeling the pressure to increase screen size from its current 3.5.

Rumors also project a 20 percent thinner iPhone 5, decreasing from the 9.3mm iPhone 4S to a sleeker 7.4mm, plus a new dock connector.

Processor: The new iPad sported the faster A5X processor, some predict an even faster A6 processor with a gig of RAM in the new iPhone.

The inclusion of LTE, a faster processor and a bigger screen all mean a greater drain on the battery, which would likely be addressed as well.

Timing: Every year Apple hosts a developer conference in San Francisco in June, however, analysts are betting on October for a new release.

Steve Jobs hologram: Too soon? Sorry. We were just watching Tupac perform at Coachella and thinking about Steve dispensing wisdom on cue.

A racist Siri. Just kidding again. But you gotta see that parody.