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Troubled actress Amanda Bynes was under the influence of Adderall when she was arrested for DUI earlier this week, according to sources close to the case.

Her problems reportedly run much deeper than that, too.

The 28-year-old took the Adderall, whch was prescribed by a doctor, before getting stopped in Van Nuys, Calif., Sunday and failing multiple field sobriety tests.

Amanda Bynes was arrested for DUI and posted bail.

Adderall is a stimulant and Amanda was described as “out of it” when she was pulled over, so the fact that it was prescribed won’t help her beat a DUI.

Operating a vehicle while impaired is what it is, and it appears this was the case, though it may help her avoid a probation violation on top of this.

Bynes wasn’t abusing or obtaining a substance illegally, at least, so it’s unlikely a judge will throw the book at her for violating probation as a result.

The bigger problem, however, is her mental state:

Having made great strides in turning things around since her psychotic breakdown last summer, Amanda has moved out of her parents house.

Now living in Orange County by herself, sources say she is smoking a lot of weed and off her anti-psychotic medication for Schizophrenia and bipolarity.

Amanda’s conservatorship ended earlier this month, and astonishingly, her parents saw no need to extend it because they believe she’s better.

Britney Spears’ conservatorship, by contrast, is closing in on its seven-year anniversary, which gives you some insight into how serious her condition is.

Everyone else in Amanda Bynes’ life felt it was a horrible mistake to let the conservatorship lapse and they fear for her safety, perhaps for good reason.

Bynes had quit smoking weed earlier this year, supposedly, and enrolled in school, all while living with her parents and getting her life back together.

Now that she’s back on her own, and returning to her old vices, friends worry that we may see a relapse into her bizarre, life-threatening behavior.

More on this story as it develops