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At the outset of Sleepy Hollow Season 2 Episode 2, Ichabod has a nightmare that Henry is attempting to sanctify the bond between Katrina and Abraham.

Meanwhile, Abbie is late to her first meeting with the Sheriff Reyes, a new authority figure who knew Abbie’s mom because she referred to a few of the calls when Abbie was just a child.

Reyes does believe Sleepy Hollow has a problem, but not of the supernatural variety. She thinks citizens are scared and therefore being driven to do insane things.

Watch Sleepy Hollow Season 2 Episode 2 Online
Watch Sleepy Hollow Season 2 Episode 2 Online

When it comes to Ichabod, Abbie is worried that time spent seeking Katrina is time NOT spent on tracking major threats such as Moloch. But Ichabod assures his leftenant that he’s trying to free Katrina for more than just personal reasons:

She’s also a powerful witch who can help tip the scales in the favor of the good.


While they stand outside the carriage house, Ichabod spots Katrina, forcing Abbie to pull him away and for them to decide to raise The Kindred, a creature pieced together from fallen soldiers. This guy is definitely a match for Headless Horseman. He was even created Ben Franklin.

It’s only possible to raise the Kindred if you have a piece of the body of the Headless Horseman and – wouldn’t you know it! – they happen to have his head at their disposal.

Abbie then visits Irving in jail and then takes her partner to pick up the head from a safe-deposit box at a local bank. Ichabod is at his Ichabod best here, going off on pens on chains… how easy it is to get a credit card in modern America… and the insinuation that he and Abbie are an item. (If only!)

At that moment, Abraham reminds Katrina that her husband let her languish for a really very time, yet hauled his skinny colonial self to get his fellow Witness out of Purgatory in just a few hours. Tension mounts.

Back to Jenny: she takes one for the team by telling Reyes that certain weapons are hers and is hauled off to jail as a result. 

Meanwhile, Abbie and Ichabod use Franklin’s sketchbook to find The Kindred in a previously-unexplored section of the catacombs. Two have a heart to heart and Abbie admits that her "faith" in Ichabod is her "greatest weakness."

But this moment is interrupted by The Kindred, a huge patchwork of a monster they complete with Abraham’s head. Ichabod goes on to recite an incantation that’s meant to bring The Kindred to life… but it doesn’t work.

The second try is successful, however, and soon the creature is battling Headless and a Henry-directed Horseman of War as Ichabod sneaks in and frees Katrina.

The Cranes kiss – but Katrina won’t leave! She tells her husband if she goes with him, Abraham will destroy the world in an attempt to get her back. But if she stays? She can serve as a mole.

"You are forever in my heart," Ichabod tells Katrina as he is forced to leave her.

We end the crazy episode with Henry (who is apparently an attorney) arriving at Irving’s room and saying Cynthia has retained him as the sheriff’s counsel

Irving has no idea who Henry is, of course, as he essentially signs his life away before the credit rolls. GULP!

Talk about another insane episode ("So much of my life can be characterized under those auspices," Ichabod would say)! What did everyone think? You can watch Sleepy Hollow online via TV Fanatic to relive it all for yourself.