Amal Alamuddin Baby Bump: Totally Real, Claims Ridiculous Tabloid Story

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Rumors that George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin are expecting have been circulating since around the time they announced their engagement, but not now tabloids are taking it a step further and claiming that Amal is sporting a baby bump these days.

Amal Alamuddin in London

And by "baby bump," they mean a "fuller belly," which could also mean she just had a big meal.

Yes, In Touch has taken to printing eye witness accounts with the vaguest descriptions imaginable to verify their claims that Amal is totally knocked up.

"She has that pregnancy glow," says one source. 

You heard it here first! She's glowing! Why even bother with an official announcement when you're strutting around town looking all glowy and rocking a food baby?

Of course, it's not impossible that Amal is pregnant with George's baby.

After all, George and Amal got engaged before anyone even knew they were dating and rumor has it the couple is in a rush to get to the altar. Could be a sign that they're soon to be starting a family.

Then again, they might just feel like speeding things along, and Amal might be glowing because she's getting married to George freakin' Clooney.

Whatever the case, you can rest assured that if Amal is pregnant we won't find out until she and George are good and ready to break the news.

He's pretty much mastered the whole A-list secrecy thing at this point.

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