Amal Alamuddin: Pregnant With George Clooney's Baby?!

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Tabloids have been speculating about when Amal Alamuddin and George Clooney will get married ever since they announced their engagement back in April.

Naturally, the couple has remained tight-lipped about the date, but there are have been several indications that George and Amal are in a big hurry to get to the altar.

Clooney and Alamuddin obtained their marriage license last week, and the the British lawyer who tamed one of Hollywood's most notorious players has just about taken up permanent residence at his estate in Lake Como, Italy.

So it seems as though George and Amal plan to speed through the preparations and make it official before the end of summer. It's just one of many indications that Alamuddin may be carrying Clooney's child:

The most recent George-Amal spotting took place at a luxury hotel in Italy that many believe to be the future wedding venue.

Onlookers say George and Amal appeared to be sampling food and drink as part of the process of planning the menu for their ceremony.

Amal - clad in a baggy maxi dress - was reportedly passing on wine and cocktails. 

Okay, so it's not like Amal was caught shopping for cribs and strollers, but it's still beginning to look like Gorgeous George will soon become the world's suavest dad. 

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