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As you’ve likely heard by now – the hackers are back.

When nude Jennifer Lawrence photos were leaked online earlier this month, they signaled the start of a widespread digital theft campaign targeted at female celebrities.

The hackers were never caught, but the photos were deleted from the sites where they’d been posted, and the people responsible were rumored to be on the run.

Now, however, it looks as though the first round of “leaks” may have been just the beginning, as nude photos of Kim Kardashian and several other women were uploaded to 4Chan and Reddit over the weekend.

While most people wondered how this could happen again, some of us asked a less pressing but equally puzzling question:

How the hell was Kim not hacked the first time around?

We’re not saying she deserves to have her most intimate photos shared with the world against her will – no one does. But for some reason, when we first heard about “The Fappening,” we just assumed Kim would be involved in some way.

She’s an A-lister, we know she’s into, um…”amateur photography,” and call us crazy, but we doubt she’s sitting at home coding her own hack-proof firewall. (That’s a thing, right?)

So while it’s always sad to see someone victimized, we can’t say we were terribly shocked when Kim was eventually hacked.

And since this whole thing probably isn’t over (as far as anyone knows, the creeps responsible are still at large), we got to thinking about who might be targeted next.

It seems there are a number of things that might make a female celebrity more likely to be targeted, including: youth, popularity, and being Lindsay Lohan.

Two of those three things are usually good, but that’s what these hackers are doing – taking good things (naked celebrities), and making them awful.

So check out the list above to see what celebs might be contacting the FBI next.

It’s our version of a public service announcement, and while we’re hoping that all of the women we listed don’t get hacked, if any of them would like to willingly send us nude photos as their way thanking us for the warning, then we encourage them to do so.