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Remember those Zac Efron gay rumors that surfaced last week?

Well, it turns out they were either completely false, or Zac is seriously committed to keeping up appearances, because here his is in Ibiza last night sucking face with Michelle Rodriguez:

Zac Efron and Michelle Rodriguez Make-Out Session

Reports that Efron and Rodriguez are dating have been circulating for nearly a month, but due to their age difference (and those pesky reports about Zac being into dudes), many assumed the two actors were just involved in a short-lived fling.

Now, weeks later, it looks as though they’re still going strong.

However, as it appears that Zachelle is officially a thing now, many fans and friends of Zac’s are worried that the hard-partying Michelle may be a bad influence on the newly sober Zac.


Zac opened up about his addiction and rehab stint while appearing on Bear Grylls’ new reality show recently.

From the way he spoke about that dark period in his life, it sounds as though Zac’s wounds are still fresh and sobriety remains a daily, uphill battle.

So it’s not hard to see why Zac’s inner circle might be concerned to see him hitting clubs in Spain’s party capital with a woman who’s arguably more famous for her wild lifestyle than for her acting.

Here’s hoping Zac is poppin’ bottles of Smart Water.