Zac Efron Gay Rumors Surface: Is Michelle Rodriguez Relationship Fake?

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Zac Efron and Michelle Rodriguez make an unexpected couple for a number of reasons.

Michelle is ten years Zac's senior; she's a known partier, while Efron just completed rehab; Michelle's most recent prior relationship was with a woman...the list goes on.

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But now some fans are suggesting there's a bigger reason these two don't belong together. They claim Zac is attracted to men, and he's using Michelle to help him hide his sexuality from the public.

The relationship has been the subject of intense scrutiny today as the result of a "blind item" gossip piece that's been making the rounds online. 

The article describes a relationship between two actors who some believe sound an awful like Zac and Michelle:

"He's had his problems over the past year," the piece begins. "Why the darkness? It was stress. The stress of feeling that he can't come out publicly."

"Lately though...there's been a turnaround. Career is in good shape. And there's someone new in his life. What's she doing for him? They get along well. They both party...HARD. But she's not his lover. She's his front. Because when she's around, he can hook up with men."

Online commenters have focused on the bits of that description that could apply to Zac and Michelle. Of course, there's no source provided, so the whole thing could be entirely made up.

Regardless, it's another rumor that Zac must now choose to address or ignore. If there's no truth to it, then we'd recommend the latter approach.

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