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The newly-released police report taken after MMA fighter War Machine beat Christy Mack senseless earlier this month is as sickening as you’d expect.

In fact, it’s probably more so, if you can imagine that, simply because you can read the official account of the blow-by-blow in painstaking, graphic detail.

Read the whole thing for yourself by clicking the image below:

Mack was allegedly beaten within an inch of her life by the fighter (real name Jon Koppenhaver), and after reading this, her story does not look like an exaggeration.

Some of the more disturbing elements involve Koppenhaver’s use of a knife to presumably murder her with during his terrifying and insane explosion of violence.

The porn star victim, astonishingly, was only able to escape to a neighbor’s home after he broke one knife and was looking around for a replacement.

He also repeatedly attempted to rape her, and is believed to have savagely beated her after he came upon a photo or post that he didn’t like on social media.

Christy Mack suffered a ruptured liver and 18 broken bones in the vicious attack a week ago Friday. War Machine was arrested after a manhunt by police.

Hopefully, he stays locked up for a very long time and gets treatment for his obvious mental issues, while Mack gets the surgery she needs to recover.