Vin Diesel Nude Photo Creates Facebook Frenzy!

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While younger celebs have moved on Twitter, Instagram, and that wacky Snapchat, Vin Diesel is still kicking it old school and posting his nude photos on Facebook, where they won't disappear after 10 seconds.

Yes, Vinny D has quite the online following (he has so many likes he claims Facebook owes him "billions of dollars"), and he decided to reward his faithful female fans today with a revealing shower selfie.

Vin Diesel Nude Photo

So not only did he get to play the coolest role in Guardians of the Galaxy, Vin also apparently has a waterproof iPhone. If this dude isn't winning the summer of 2014, we don't know who is.

Naturally, the pic received about a bajillion comments within minutes - most of them from female fans who seem to approve of the view. But for our money, this shower shot is not the best thing Groot has posted online recently.

No, that title belongs to the Diesel dancing to Katy Perry's "Dark Horse" ...

Sure, he's much more fully-clothed here, but it's hard to beat the unadulterated joy in Vin's dance moves ... set to one of Katy Cat's many smash hits.

It's stuff like this that keeps us coming back to Facebook despite the fact that our news feeds are mostly cat photos and memes from George Takei.

It's time to fork over the billions, Zuckerberg! This man has earned it!

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