Guardians of the Galaxy: Howard the Duck Cameo is Leaked; Internet is Baffled

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Despite (or perhaps because of) the film's bizarre premise and cast of characters, Guardians of the Galaxy reviews have been overwhelmingly positive, and the latest Marvel adaptation is expected to be a major box office hit.

So, naturally spoilers and leaked footage abound on the Internet today, with one surprise tidbit generating global cries of, "WTF?"

If you're not familiar with the 1986 film Howard the Duck, consider yourself lucky. Like Selena Gomez' latest movie, Howard was a notorious box office flop and is still considered to be one of the worst movies ever made.

But, believe it or not, Howard actually shares a few things in common with the much-bigger-budget, much-more-well-received Guardians:

Not only do both films share a common release date (the Duck laid an egg 28 years ago today), they're both based on characters from Marvel comics that both critics and audiences doubted would translate to the big screen.

In the case of Howard, they were right. But while the studio has since become the first name in superhero blockbusters, let no one say that Marvel can't laugh at itself.

Howard the Duck: Guardians of the Galaxy

The comic book publisher's films have become famous for their end-credit skits and teasers, and Guardians is no different. Howard appears on screen and utters one line (Don't worry, we'll keep it to ourselves.) before the film fades to black.

Here's hoping they're not hinting at a gritty reboot.

Oh, and before anyone gripes about including a "spoiler" in the headline, the Howard thing is literally like a 2-second joke during the end credits. We really doubt advance knowledge of it will ruin the movie for you. If you feel otherwise, seek help.

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