Victoria Justice Nude Photos Leak; Hacker Targeting Kate Upton, Ariana Grande Next?

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Earlier today, Jennifer Lawrence nude photos leaked online.

Now, topless pics of former Nickelodeon star Victoria Justice have been posted to Reddit and 4Chan, and seem to be the work of the same hacker.

21-year-old Justice has been hacked in the past, but those photos mainly consisted of Justice posing in various swimsuits.

The pics released today, however, feature topless selfies of the actress - SFW versions of which can be seen below:

Victoria Justice Topless
Victoria Justice Naked

Justice has yet to respond to the leak, but she posted an irate tirade online the last time that her phone was compromised.

The scandal makes it a scary time for starlets, and Internet chatter indicates that the hacker responsible for the Lawrence and Justice leaks is now targeting Ariana Grande and Kate Upton.

Nude photos of Grande were allegedly leaked online back in April, but they're now believed to be Photoshopped.

Even so, the scandal is rumored to have played a role in Nickelodeon's decision to cancel Grande's sitcom, Sam & Cat.

That incident served as a reminder of just how profoundly a nude photo leak can impact the career of a young actress or pop star.

Federal authorities are said to be in the process of determining the identity of the latest Hollywood hacker. 

UPDATE: Justice has released a statement and denied these photos are of her.

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