Teresa Giudice Gives Daughter FAKE Family Heirloom in Staged Real Housewives of New Jersey Scene!

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If you watched the most recent episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, you may have been moved by a touching scene in which Teresa gave her eldest daughter Gia a diamond ring that had been in their family for generations.

It was a rare moment of tenderness from a woman who's best known for her raging temper and constant legal problems.

Teresa and Gia Giudice

The only problem is - the whole thing was faked.

"The diamond ring had been given to Teresa about a year ago by a jeweler in New Jersey," a source close to the show tells Radar Online. "Teresa wanted to give Gia the ring on camera to give publicity to the jeweler."

And we're gonna go ahead and assume that Teresa received something in exchange for that "publicity." Disguising shameless product placement as a heartfelt moment with your daughter - classy move, Teresa!

Those who saw the episode know how much Teresa played on viewers' emotions:

"It has sentimental value because my mommy gave it to me," Teresa tearfully told her daughter in a moment that seems downright sickening now that the truth is out.

Teresa, of course, has yet to comment on the revelation.

The more we find out about them, the easier it is to understand why the Giudices were found guilty of fraud.

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