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On American Idol and The X Factor, Simon Cowell often received flak for wearing a black t-shirt at all times.

But the famous producer isn’t wearing a black t-shirt in the following Twit pic. He isn’t wearing any shirt at all, in fact… nor is he alone.

Cowell posted an adorable photo online yesterday of himself and son Eric, both rocking aviator sunglasses and both going shirtless for the camera.

“Taking after daddy,” Cowell wrote as a caption.


Eric Cowell isn’t the first celebrity child to sport what’s become known as “babiators,” as Camden Lachey (son of Nick and Vanessa) also donned a pair of this eyewear in June.

Cowell’s girlfriend, Lauren Silverman, gave birth to Eric, the couple’s first child together, on Valentine’s Day.

A month later, Cowell talked about how well he’s taken to being a parent, saying he could not rule out having more children, saying he was “born” to be a dad. A cute dad, we must add!