Parents Bake Apologetic Cake, Tell Son's Girlfriend: Sorry We Caught You Dry Humping!

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Some parents may fail miserably at text messaging.

But others succeed at apologizing to their son's girlfriend after their security cameras caught her dry humping their child behind the sofa in the living room.

Yes, this really happened to a Reddit user named “One Skinny Mexican,” who shared his story online, along with the dessert item baked by his mom and dad.

Look what they wrote to his embarrassed girlfriend:

Parents Apologize to Dry-Humped Girlfriend of Son

The young man says that he thought he and his girlfriend were “at an angle” in which the camera would miss them, but obviously he was mistaken.

"All my mom could see when she looked at the camera was my girlfriend moving back and forth," he wrote on Reddit, describing the experience.

As for why they made the cake for her, well ... it beats not making a cake. "I suppose my mother just thought it would be funny to do so," he says.

She was right! And this may have been a net positive overall. Consider this:

"I also got a little talk about safety from my father, though," he added.

"He looked proud."

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