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Brooke Mueller is being sued by former assistant, Lior Masaphor, and he makes some pretty shocking allegations about Charlie Sheen’s ex-wife.

Namely that he was asked “to transport illegal drugs,” for infamous addict Brooke and watch Mueller “engage in multiple sex acts with third persons.”

Brooke’s kids could also see this, allegedly.

Brooke Mueller on a Red Carpet
(Getty Images)

Masaphor, who claims he worked 130 hours a week (!) for for Mueller, and was forced to “engage in repetitive illegal and unsavory actions” repeatedly.

These reprehensible acts include acting as her personal drug mule, and watching over Mueller’s young kids with Sheen so she could have sex. A lot.

Brooke, she says, would get “literally wasted and or engage in multiple sex acts with third persons literally under the nose of and in the actual presence” of the kids.

Masaphor worked for Brooke Mueller from 2012-13, and alleges that despite a horribly hostile work environment, he was only paid a paltry $2,400 a month.

That equates to $4.47 per hour, he says, and she was “constructively terminated from his employment as a result” of these conditions that were so vile.


In 2013, Mueller was stripped of custody of twin sons, Bob and Max, 5, after overdosing on crystal meth and being placed on a involuntary psychiatric hold.

The rehabbing socialite has also become very chummy with Sheen’s porn star fiancee, Brett Rossi, and has even joked that she “prefers women over men.”

“Brooke loves Rossi’s support and the bond all of them are creating,” says a source, “while she resides in a house Charlie bought her just down the street.”

The lawsuit against Mueller seeks unspecified damages, a jury trial, and legal fees … none of which will likely send the message Brooke obviously needs.