13 Nicki Minaj Music Video GIFs from "Anaconda"

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Work it out, Nicki Minaj! Watch the singer do her thing in the video for "Anaconda."

1. Nicki Minaj with Whipped Cream

Nicki Minaj with Whipped Cream
This Nicki Minaj GIF may cause many anacondas to grow in length. If you know what we mean!

2. Eating a Banana, Nicki Minaj Style

Eating a Banana, Nicki Minaj Style
This is how Nicki Minaj eats a banana. Take a good look, fellas.

3. Lap Dancing on Drake

Lap Dancing on Drake
You're a lucky man, Drake. You are the recipient of this Nicki Minaj lap dance in the video for "Anaconda."

4. Working That Tush

Working That Tush
Nicki Minaj gets down on all four and shows you how to Twerk in this GIF from "Anaconda."

5. Booty and Biceps

Booty and Biceps
And now from the side! This is apparently how Nicki Minaj works out.

6. The Neck Spin

The Neck Spin
Now it's time to work the neck. Watch how Nicki Minaj does it in the "Anaconda" music video.

7. Twerking Time!!!

Twerking Time!!!
It's time to Twerk, Nicki Minaj fans! This is a GIF from the "Anaconda" music video.

8. Lifting Her Left

Lifting Her Left
Nicki Minaj works out for most of the Anaconda music video. Take this leg lift, for instance.

9. The Butt Lift

The Butt Lift
Want a butt like Nicki Minaj? Follow the moves of Nicki Minaj!

10. Anaconda Video Still

Anaconda Video Still
Work it out, Nicki Minaj! The singer improves her bicep size in this still from the "Anaconda" video.

11. The Hip Thrust

The Hip Thrust
Thrust those hips, people! Follow this Nicki Minaj workout tip.

12. Rolling That Body

Rolling That Body
It's the Nicki Minaj body roll! Don't try this move at home, folks.

13. Nicki in the Water

Nicki in the Water
Nicki Minaj may wanna be left alone right about now. We're watching her in the video for "Anaconda."

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