Nicki Minaj Fan Gets "Anaconda" Photo Shaved Into Head: See It Here!

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Think you're the biggest Nicki Minaj around?

Sorry to break the news to you, but... you are not. This guy is.

The singer herself posted the following photo on Instagram this week of an unnamed supporter who has shaven a photo of Minaj's famous Anaconda cover art into the back of his head.

"Head game right #Anaconda," Minaj wrote as a caption.

Nicki Minaj Head Shaving

We're... impressed? Scared? Some combination of both?

At midnight on Wednesday, Minaj released the Anaconda music video, which focuses on the singer Twerking, giving a lap dance to Drake and being very naughty with some fruit in the kitchen.

It has been viewed 21.7 million times in 36 hours.

The video came out a day after Taylor Swift released a video for the track "Shake It Off," positioning two of music's biggest acts against each other.

But we think we know who this guy is voting for in the Minaj-Swift Twerk-Off poll.

We also know how long he'll be spending clicking through the following Nicki Minaj "Anaconda" GIF gallery. Or at least we can estimate: A LOT of time.

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