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Just weeks ago the Nicki Minaj-Iggy Azalea feud looked as though it was shaping up to be a rap feud for the ages.

When Nicki mocked Iggy at the BET Awards it was just the latest subtle jab in a hip hop cold war that seemed as though it would get worse before it got better.

Here at THG we had our popcorn out, and we were ready to enjoy some scathing diss tracks from two talented rappers. 

But then just as suddenly as it began…the beef was over.

Nicki Minaj in 2019
Photo via Getty Images for Billboard

That’s Nicki and Iggy interacting backstage, and sadly, witnesses say not a b-word was uttered.

In fact, the former rivals apparently had nothing but kind words for one another:


“You did great,” Iggy reportedly said, in reference to Nicki’s back-to-back performances.

Rather than taking Iggy-Ig down a peg with another accusation that she doesn’t write her own rhymes, Nicki simply smiled and said, “Thank you, baby.”

With all the hip hop violence that took place over VMA weekend, we guess we should be glad that these two have buried the hatchet.

But we were really looking forward to an epic war of words…