Nick Viall: The Next Bachelor?!

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While Chris Soules has long been considered the front-runner to be The Bachelor on ABC, another option is reportedly being strongly considered by producers:

Nick Viall.

Nick and Andi

The selection of Andi Dorfman's runner-up, still in many ways an enigma, would be bewildering on one hand, and make perfect sense on the other.

Many fans, and fellow competitors, felt Nick was calculating and insincere, even cocky in his pursuit of Andi Dorfman, who ultimately went with hunky Josh Murray.

Making matters worse was Nick asking Andi why they made love if she wasn't going to pick him in this awkward After the Final Rose confrontation.

At the same time, there's no doubt that Viall was genuinely, emotionally crushed by the woman of his dreams, and that he didn't mean to humiliate Dorfman.

If anyone deserves a second shot at love, it's Nick.

"Viewers are interested in what he has to say," says a show insider of Viall, who is in the running along with both Farmer Chris and Arie Luyendyk Jr.

Source close to the addictive ABC franchise are seriously considering all three for The Bachelor role, to be announced at the end of Bachelor in Paradise.

We imagine Chris would still be the fans' favorite of the three, but would Nick bring a certain level of intrigue after the mark he left on The Bachelorette?

Would people tune in even if he weren't their first choice, given the way Viall left things with Andi and the unpredictability of what he might do next?

There's no disputing that they would. So you tell us:

Should Nick Viall be The Bachelor in 2015?!

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